Drink Accessories: Ice Maker and Vinturi Aerator Connoisseur Set

Oct 12

Coming up short on Ice at a gathering can be shocking! Be that as it may, stress no more as with the TG20 Ice Maker from ThinkGizmos all you need is access to water and the machine will keep you supplied with Ice the length of time you need it. It can be obtained from Amazon at this...

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Newly Released Gadgets: Balance Master Robot and Pebble Portable Battery Pack

Oct 06

The Remote Control Balance Master Robot is a great addition to your RC toys. It can be found on Amazon USA here. The Balance Master Robot features an innovative self-balancing gyro mechanism which enables to Balance Robot to run easily on two wheels without falling over. Included in the box is...

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Inflatable swimming pools – essential for the kids holidays

May 20

What I was looking for: An inflatable swimming pool for by garden to keep the kids happy. I just setup this awesome 10 foot round shaped inflatable garden swimming pool. It’s made from tough plastic and will provide your kids hours of entertainment. Simply add...

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Christmas Presents For Men, Best Buys This Xmas

Oct 07

If you want to find excellent Christmas Presents for men at Amazon then why not come and check out our store. We have hundreds of the best gifts, must have gadgets and funky gizmo's all at incredible prices. We aim to help you find the perfect presents for all the family so come and take a look and see...

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Ice Maker – the Best Ice Maker for The Christmas Party Season

Sep 24

Ice maker video: httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUgDYYarzUE The Ice Maker from Amazon is a fantastic present idea which is ideal for many people this Christmas. Perhaps you know someone moving into their first home, or someone else who always gets annoyed when the ice cube tray is empty. The ice...

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