Drink Accessories: Ice Maker and Vinturi Aerator Connoisseur Set

Oct 12

Coming up short on Ice at a gathering can be shocking! Be that as it may, stress no more as with the TG20 Ice Maker from ThinkGizmos all you need is access to water and the machine will keep you supplied with Ice the length of time you need it. It can be obtained from Amazon at this link: https://www.amazon.de/Eisw%C3%BCrfelmaschine-Eismaschine-Arbeitsplatte-Wasseranschluss-erforderlich/dp/B003V00ZA6

When you have filled the water supply the Ice Machine will attract the water through to the Ice making container and following 10-15 minutes you will have your first Ice Cubes prepared to go.

The Ice Maker will keep on making Ice as long as the water repository has water and the Ice Basket is not full, keeping you supplied for at whatever point it is required. Because of it having an independent water reservoir it means that a plumber is not required to connect it to the mains.

On the off chance that the Ice Maker is kept on and running it can make 12-15kg of Ice in a 24 hour time span. The Ice should be moved into a Freezer for the off chance that it is not being utilized straight away.

You know what it’s like. Get home on a Friday night, uncork a bottle of finest red from your personal wine cellar, lay back on the sofa and…remember you have to leave it for at least an hour to breathe for the best taste. That rather puts a dampener on the evening. But with the excitingly named Vinturi Aerator Connoisseur set, waiting for wine to reach the correct temperature and oxygenation level is a thing of the past. Looking like a cross between high design and laboratory equipment, the Vinturi cunningly works it’s taste-enhancing magic on your plonk in a matter of seconds. Place your wine glass on the stand and pour your wine into the hole on the top of the unit. Then watch in amazement as the wine works it’s way through the magic aeration chamber and out of the spout into your glass, ready to work it’s way straight into your mouth! Using some combination of atmospheric pressure, air and plastic, the Vinturi mixes oxygen into the wine setting off all kinds of chemical reactions so that the wine tastes just right at the end of the process. Or it could be magic. Either way, your wine will certainly taste better! Powered by gravity alone, the Vinturi is completely eco-friendly, allowing you to enjoy your chianti safe in the knowledge that no icebergs were damaged in the aeration process. And because the Vinturi is for connoisseurs, it comes with it’s own storage pouch and sediment filter. Although the effort that has gone into the aesthetic design could well earn the Vinturi a permanent on your kitchen bench. And just think of all the fun you can have proving to your friends how much it improves the taste of wine…!


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