Future Tech Toys

Sep 29

Children love gadgets, and so do adults. Any gifts that you can find that use the latest technology always go down well in any house. It’s amazing what you can find these days, and the technology that is available in so many household gadgets and toys will leave you astounded. If you are looking for future tech toys for Christmas or birthdays check out these must have latest releases.

  1. The Lightspeed iHelicopter has made huge waves thanks to the way it uses technology. This gadget was featured on the Gadget Show and is wanted by adults and teenagers alike. The helicopter doesn’t have a remote control; instead it uses mobile phones or iPads.  The screen can be used with the touch of your fingers to fly and operate the stunning helicopter that never fails to impress. You can also use the tilt controls on your phone to guide the helicopter perfectly through the air. The Lightspeed model works with a multitude of phones ranging from Android to Apple devices. You may think this gift will be a bit pricey but at only £27.99 you could afford to buy your son and your husband one for under the Christmas tree.
  2. The WiFI scales are bathroom scales that actually look amazing. Using the latest technology it’s possible to connect your scales to your phone or computer and closely monitor your weight loss or gain.  You can even keep an eye on your body mass index and stay committed to your healthy lifestyle. The bathroom scales cost £114.99 and are feature packed. These are the ideal gift for anyone that is committed to working hard to maintain their healthy weight, stick to a diet or concentrate on building mass through muscles.


  1. Hate housework or know someone who does? Now there is one job that can be ticked off the list permanently with the robot vacuum cleaner. The helpful gadget can be timed to vacuum at a time to suit you, you don’t even need to be in the house. The robot can map the room with its sensors and make sure all the dirt and fluff is sucked up before you even wake up. Once it has finished it will even send itself back to its dock to charge up ready for next time. This is technology at its most useful and is ideal for anyone that loves gadgets or struggles with the household chore.

One nice Tech gift idea I have seen are remote control LED candles that are a different take on traditional candles.



  1. I’m interested in the Lightspeed iHelicopter, using iphone or ipad is nice for me.

  2. £114.99 for a bathroom scale, how it look like?

  3. Shaun /

    Yes, seems too expensive.

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