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Sep 29

It’s that time of year when you need to start deciding what you want for Christmas. Instead of saying you don’t know when bombarded with the question from friends and family why not make sure you get something that you will really enjoy. Choosing can be difficult but to help you we have collected the very best techy gadgets and gizmos that come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and all price ranges too so you will find something perfect to receive from everyone this year. Maybe a robot vacuum cleaner makes a great Christmas present idea so check out this post: that has some awesome Christmas Presents for 2012.

The Remote Control Helicopter with Plenty of Power

The 2.4 GHZ helicopter is a little gadget with loads of power behind it. The helicopter comes with everything you need to start having fun as soon as you un-wrap it. You only need to give it a charge before you can take it for a test flight. The helicopter looks incredible and comes with spare parts and charging cables along with the awesome remote control. Costing £39.99 it’s a great gift to ask from your folks or maybe even your girlfriend.

Sort Out all Those Negatives

If you have loads of old 35mm film that you’ve never managed to get processed why not ask for the Digital Film Scanner. This amazing piece of kit can scan all of your photos directly off your old negatives and convert them into a digital image on your pc. It’s so easy to use and means all those old forgotten photos can be given life once more.

Charging without an Electrical Socket

The sun harnesses so much power and with the solar panels found on the small solar panel on the solar phone charger you can now do away with electrical power to charge your batteries. It works with loads of gadgets including mobile phones and now you can never be without battery power again. You don’t have to take a plug with you just pop the pocket sized charger in your pocket or bag and be prepared at all times for that low battery beep.

Obsessed with the Weather?

The Wireless weather station is a clever gadget that looks incredibly smart too. You can place the wireless sensor outside and the screen in any room to keep you up to date on the changes in the weather. Use it as an alarm and decide what to wear based on the weather predictions for the day. This is a feature packed gift that is suitable for all ages.

Now you know what the best techy gadgets are you can inform your friends and family and make sure you’re satisfied on Christmas morning.

ir games console.  Once your guy has mastered the controls he can impress his mates with his skills.  The Chinook also looks fantastic as a model or ornament when not in use.

  • The Half Yard glass comes with an attractive stand and is a brilliant gift idea for the boyfriend that enjoys his beer.  The half yard is fun for parties or can be used as a novelty glass at any time. The half yard glass can easily hold up to 23 ounces of beer and is hand crafted to ensure it’s of the finest quality.
  • If your man prefers a glass of spirits as a nightcap the Spirit Head Decanter is a brilliant choice. Designed to look like a skull the decanter looks amazing when filled with Whisky, Rum or their favourite tipple.



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