Newly Released Gadgets: Balance Master Robot and Pebble Portable Battery Pack

Oct 06

The Remote Control Balance Master Robot is a great addition to your RC toys. It can be found on Amazon USA here.

The Balance Master Robot features an innovative self-balancing gyro mechanism which enables to Balance Robot to run easily on two wheels without falling over.

Included in the box is everything needed to enjoy the Balance Robot including batteries and a 2.4 gHz remote meaning that multiple Robots can be used in the same room at the same time as they each connect to an individual remote.

The Balance Robot itself has 5 different operating modes. Dancing mode, Boxing Mode, Loading Mode, Driving Mode and Gesture Mode. You will be able to impress the all your friends with the clever Gesture Mode as you can control the robot just with specific hand movements.

As well as this futuristic Black and Silver version a Black and Red Balance Master Robot can be found by searching Amazon for ‘Balance Robot ThinkGizmos‘.

Sometimes you can never have enough power, especially in the case of portable electronics. Because according to Murphy’s Law, the moment you want to use your MP3 player or mobile phone will be the moment you discover it is out of power. Fortunately the battery design specialists at Veho have been pondering this dilemma and the result is the Pebble Portable Battery Pack. This palm-sized sleek, rubber encased black box conceals a high capacity 500mAH rechargeable battery which can be used to power a huge range of devices. Because in addition to the battery unit itself, the box contains a bundle of power connectors and an extension lead so you can charge almost any device you care to consider; Apple iPhones and iPods, Nokia phones (old and new), Sony phones and anything else that takes a USB plug too, like GPSs, digital cameras and pocket camcorders. Because there are so many fittings and parts, the Pebble also comes with a nifty little neoprene pouch to carry it all round in, because despite the amount of stuff, it is all rather small too. The Veho battery geniuses reckon that the Pebble Portable Battery Pack supplies enough charge to keep an iPhone 3GS running for 1200 hours – about 400% longer than the phone’s internal battery. And when the Pebble is not in use, the handy auto shut-off function stops it from going flat unexpectedly (which would be kind of ironic). A set of funky blue LEDs give a visual indicator of battery charge levels, both whilst in use and on charge. So with the Pebble Portable Battery Pack in your pocket, all you have to do is remember to charge one device at any given time, the Pebble will take care of the rest.

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